About TAL Education Group

TAL Education Group (NYSE: TAL) is an EdTech company that operates on the basis of smart education, that provides an open platform for quality education and extra-curricular tutoring. It serves public education, empowers private education, and explores new education models for the future, on a global scale.
Xueersi, the predecessor of TAL, was established in 2003. On October 20, 2010, XRS was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. In 2013, XRS changed its name to Tomorrow Advancing Life (TAL), beginning its coordinated development of multiple brands. The business structure of TAL includes Smart Education, Education Open Platform, K12 extra-curricular tutoring, and Overseas Education. TAL has many sub-brands, such as Xueersi Peiyou, xueersi.com (Xueersi Online School), First Leap, liuxue.com, jzb.com, etc.
With the mission of “Making Education Better with Love and Technology”, TAL strives to create equal access to quality education for all and has filed more than 400 patent applications. TAL has developed more than 100 AI capabilities made for education which fall into eight categories comprised of subjects like graphics, speech, data mining, and natural language processing, etc. It has created more than 10 AI solutions based on different education scenarios, covering all aspects of teaching, learning, testing, exercises, and assessment. TAL has also developed many unique and leading abilities throughout the process of building its own AI platforms. This includes: containing infrastructure for storage, annotation, training, and online services. Preserving the education philosophy of “Stimulating motivation and cultivating abilities”, TAL nurtures these "abilities that can bring lifetime benefits”. In 2019, TAL pioneered an education based postdoctoral workstation and was contracted by the National Open Innovation Platform for Next Generation Artificial Intelligence. TAL has also been listed as one of China’s Top 100 Internet Companies. From 2015 to 2019, TAL has been named “Top 100 Most Valuable Chinese Brands” for five consecutive years. In 2020, TAL’s Improving Literacy, Preserving Language, and Providing Inclusion using AI and Big Data has been selected as one of the innovative projects of UNESCO’s Mobile Learning Week 2020, under the theme "Artificial Intelligence and Inclusion".

Becoming A Respected Education Institution

TAL aims to build a diversified eco-system that covers the entire international education chain for students ranging between
-1 to 24 years old.

Salary and Perks

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  • Volunteerism leave Employees can get one day’s paid leave each year to devote themselves to voluntary work.
  • Book discounts Employees can get 50 percent off buying books published by TAL Publishing Center.
  • Children’s education discounts All full-time employees have preferential rates signing up their children to TAL training course programs. The longer they’re employed, the better rates they can get.
  • Housing allowance Eligible employees with three years’ service or above can apply for a certain amount of interest-free loans from TAL to buy their first homes at the place where they pay their social insurance.
  • Rent subsidy Employees renting apartments from Ziroom (TAL’s partner) can have further discounts on the renting service fee.
  • Taxi fare subsidy Employees who hail taxi during business trips or overtime hours can have their taxi fare reimbursed by TAL.
  • Medical subsidy Employees have a comprehensive package of medical subsidies ranging from annual health check, medical reimbursement, 10 days’ paid sick leave to commercial insurances (supplementary medical insurance).
  • Joining-in gifts New recruits are offered joining-in gifts that bear the good wishes of a promising career.
  • Equity incentives Employees can get 1 ADS as an incentive upon becoming a formal member of TAL.
  • Gift money at new year’s start Employees can get red envelopes from TAL at the first day of work after the Spring Festival.
  • Wedding gift money Formal employees who get married after joining the company can get wedding gift money within one year after they register their marriage certificate.
  • Mutual help funds Employees who develop serious diseases or pass away (including their spouses and children) during their employment can apply for a sum of TAL’s mutual help fund between RMB50 to 100 thousand.
  • Holiday gifts TAL prepares custom-made gifts for employees and clients during holidays such as the Spring Festival, Girls’ Day and Mid-autumn Festival. Beyond that, TAL offers mailing services for employees’ friends and relatives who live afar.
  • Team building fund Employees, starting from the date of their joining-in, can get a monthly team building fund that is allocated to their divisions for team building activities.

Growing up in TAL

About TAL University

TAL (Tomorrow Advancing Life) attaches great importance to the development of its employees. In 2018, the company founded TAL University dedicated to the development of quality learning programs to enable employees’ personal growth. Since its establishment, TAL University has launched five series of course products. It provides critical assistance in key stages of personal development via a variety of courses and training sessions. In this way the university strives to propel the development of both its employees and business teams. In TAL, your development can make a huge difference to the world!

Multi-channel Talent Development Path

TAL provides a dual-path development regime that values both managerial and technological expertise. In this diversified and growth-oriented organization, Everyone can find the right position and exert his personal advantages. By aligning personal properties with corporate developmental demands, the company aims to assist talents with their personal development and ensure sufficient supply of brilliant minds.

The Qingmiao Program:
the exclusive growth plan of TAL employees

For new recruits specifically, TAL developed a learning system with independent copyright. Through game-based and experiential learning, new employees will soon get started and have a better knowledge of the company. Apart from that, the company offers Tips Courses that are highly relevant to working scenarios to help employees get started quickly.

Comprehensive Talent Training System
Learning at TAL

Weekly and daily work memos are readily available. Everyone can share valuable knowledge, and thousands of smart minds form a massive knowledge base.

Technology forums, Teachers’ course preparation groups, partner training sessions... Personalized learning and practicing activities for various positions are all available, helping you make quantum leaps in your professional development path

Thousands of online courses are available that cover management, personal development and professional skills, allowing you to learn on the go. At TAL, we are open-minded, ready to share knowledge and thrilled to make progress together. Knowledge can be very much enriched because of sharing!

TAL creates a learning atmosphere for sharing and exchanges. Here you can share your understanding of industrial trends with experts, learn from their insights and participate in a variety of forums where you can make further progress. TAL will constitute an instrumental force in your personal development.

Life at TAL

Employees’ Voice

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From an intern to an interviewer,
how does he secure the laureate
of a “world champion”?

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JoyTAL’s senior tech expert

He manages to move up the ladder from a new recruit to a senior technician within just three months, how did he manage to do that?

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AnselTAL’s teacher

He is a teacher who dares to brave winds and waves.

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